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Fundraising Association of New Horizons School

The Fundraising Association of New Horizons School (FANHS) is the fundraising body for New Horizons School. 

FANHS raises funds to pay for items identified in School Council’s Funding Allocation. Each year, School Council, with input from the school, develops a Funding Allocation plan that identifies what needs some extra funding such as special items for student clubs, sponsoring school community events, building playgrounds, supporting special events such as concerts, and providing extra technology support.

Therefore, although FANHS raises money for the school, it does so by going through School Council.

FANHS organizes a variety of fundraising events throughout the year to support the students, teachers and school by way of requests made in the Funding Allocation.

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School Council or FANHS … What’s the Difference?

While School Council and FANHS are both composed of parents from NHS, they are two separate entities.

School Council  is a group of parents, the principal, a teacher and community representatives who work together to support and enhance student learning. They act as a means for members of the school community to consult with and offer advice to the principal and the school board.the representative parent body of the school that is created through the Education Act (Section 55)  Additional legal requirements are identified in the School Council Regulations. All NHS parents are members of School Council by virtue of having a child registered in the school. 

 FANHS is also composed of parents from NHS. However, it is separate from the school in that it is governed by the Societies Act and associated Societies Regulations. In order to be a voting member of FANHS, parents must register with the association as they would with any other association. However, anyone may participate in a FANHS fundraiser without being a member.

How Does FANHS Support New Horizons School?

Funding School and School Council Initiatives

Each year, School Council though feedback from the school requests funds from FANHS to support items that might ordinarily be difficult or unable to be funded by the school.

The request it put forward to FANHS in something called the Funding Allocation.

    • School Support (eg. school extracurricular clubs, special events, staff appreciation,etc.)
    • Classroom Support (eg. recess equipment, student incentive items, etc.)
    • School Enhancement (playground building, special equipment, technology, etc.)
    • Community Building / Parent Support (guest speakers for parents, movie nights, community building events, etc.)
    • School Council Administration (general expenses, babysitting services for meetings, etc.)
Hot Lunch

Having a break from making lunch is a service many parents value and use.

While Hot Lunch  is a service provided by FANHS, it is also a fundraiser.

See our Hot Lunch Page for more.





All NHS parents are invited to become a member of FANHS and attend our planning meetings.

Membership details are provided below.

Upcoming Annual General Meeting

Date: June 27, 2022

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Meeting Link 


1. Approve SGM Meeting Minutes
2. Election of Officers
  • President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Directors (if any)
3. Appointment of Signing Authorities
4. Request to fill Audit Positions by “either one (1) person with an accounting designation, or by two (2) Members appointed by the Association at a General meeting; but by an Officer, Director, or Chair” (as is required under the Bylaws 6.1k)
5. Special Resolution to amend Article 9 of the Bylaws, to consider the draft Special Resolution for ‘Amending the Bylaws’ regarding ongoing FANHS membership:
To revise 3.1 b) that reads:
Parents, once Members, will have membership in the Association until they no longer have children attending the School or until membership is withdrawn.
To now read that:
Parent, once Members, will have membership in the Association for a period of one (1) year and must reapply annually.According to 9.1b), the amended Bylaws take effect after approval of the Special Resolution at a General Meeting and acceptance by the Corporate Registry of Alberta.

FANHS Membership

Why Membership?

Because FANHS is a society that is separate from the school, getting involved in FANHS as an executive member or voting member requires the annual completion of a membership form.

Members are invited to all meetings, provide ideas, lead events, and vote on the direction that FANHS takes.


FANHS Needs Parental Involvement

FANHS does amazing work and supports the students and school in so many ways.

This amazing work cannot happen without volunteers. All students benefit from the work of FANHS, and the degree of benefit depends upon the involvement of parents.

The more support and involvement that FANHS receives from parents, the larger the benefit for our students.

Current Fundraisers

  • Donations: “No Fuss” Fundraiser

Some parents may wish to make a donation to FANHS rather than participate in our fundraisers. 

FANHS is unable to issue tax receipts.  However, parents wishing a tax receipt can donate directly to the Board (New Horizons Charter School Society).

Other Fundraisers:
  • Purdy’s Chocolates (complete)
  • Happy Hippo (complete)
  • West Coast Seeds (complete)

 Our thanks to the New Horizons School parent community for supporting this important fundraiser and to our wonderful Volunteers who help make this program a success.


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Forms & Documents

Event Form
  • AGLC Casino Volunteer Form – Coming Soon
FANHS Documents