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A Message From Our Superintendent

I’m Terry Moghrabi, and let me start by saying how genuinely thrilled and fortunate I feel to be stepping into this incredible position as your superintendent. The ethos of New Horizons School resonates deeply with me, and I’m eager to champion our mission and vision alongside all of you. 

At New Horizons, we’re not just a school but a vibrant community dedicated to nurturing the exceptional talents of neuro-diverse gifted learners. Our journey began in 1995, marking a milestone as one of the earliest Charter Schools in Canada. Since then, our commitment to fostering an environment of low anxiety and boundless positivity has remained unwavering.

Our mission is clear: to cater to the unique academic needs of gifted learners while providing a space that encourages alternative thinking and learning tailored to individual styles. This vision drives us to create an academic setting where excellence flourishes, complemented by robust social and emotional support for each student.

We’re guided by a philosophy rooted in meeting the multifaceted needs of gifted children – academically, socially, and emotionally. Continuously evolving, we integrate cutting-edge research and innovations in gifted education into our programs, ensuring we remain a beacon of excellence locally, nationally, and even internationally.New Horizons School isn’t just a place to learn; it’s a community where everyone is empowered to thrive and succeed.I am immensely excited about the journey ahead and look forward to collaborating with each of you in shaping an inspiring educational experience at New Horizons School.

Warm regards,

Terry Moghrabi

Superintendent, New Horizons School

An Overview of New Horizons School

New Horizons School is a public school serving more than 350 students from Kindergarten through Grade 9. Located in Sherwood Park, just minutes east of the City of Edmonton, the school serves students primarily from Sherwood Park and rural Strathcona County, although some students commute from other communities throughout the Greater Edmonton area.

Like all charter schools in Alberta, New Horizons is designed to address the needs of a particular group of students through a specific program or teaching/learning approach, while following the Alberta Program of Studies. In our case, we focus on meeting the needs of academically-gifted children in a congregated setting and on providing our students with an environment that supports their unique intellectual, social and emotional needs.

New Horizons School was established in 1995 as Canada’s first public charter school. Operated by the New Horizons Charter School Society (a non-profit charitable society made of of parents, teachers and interested community members) and governed by an elected Board of Directors, the school is funded by the Government of Alberta and therefore does not charge tuition fees. The Society operates under the terms of a charter, or agreement, with the Minister of Education for the Province of Alberta.

School Mission Statement

The mission of New Horizons Charter School is to meet the special academic needs of gifted learners in a congregated setting in an environment that is low-anxiety, positive, and supportive of the individual. Gifted students need opportunities to be challenged, to think alternatively, and to pursue learning according to their own learning styles.

New Horizons School History

New Horizons School was established in 1995 as Canada’s first public charter school.

What We Do at NHS

We are proud of our school and how we are able to provide an environment that meets the needs of gifted learners. For more, use the link below.

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