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A Supportive Environment for Gifted Learners
“Gifted education is not a privilege or a prize. It is not an elite club. For those who do need it … gifted education is a necessity — a necessity designed to meet the unique educational needs of an outlier group.”

Janet Kragen

Giftedness is often a misunderstood idea. And when the idea of giftedness is misunderstood, so is the gifted child. 

New Horizons School is a K-9 public charter school where giftedness is understood. It is a place that enables academically gifted students to achieve excellence in an environment that supports the students’ unique intellectual, social and emotional needs.

Established in 1995, New Horizons is Alberta’s oldest charter school. As a publicly funded charter school in Alberta, we have no tuition fees and follow the Alberta programs of study. Our school is unique in that it offers a congregated learning environment for gifted learners for the entire school day. It is a place where gifted learners can be challenged and learn with like minded peers.

New Horizons School is located  in Sherwood Park, Alberta and serves the needs of gifted learners from Strathcona County and other communities in the Capital Region including Edmonton.



Who are the Gifted?

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Our school is a place for gifted learners.
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“Because giftedness is not to be talked about, no one tells high-IQ children explicitly, forcefully and repeatedly that their intellectual talent is a gift … that they are not superior human beings, but lucky ones … that the gift brings with it obligations to be worthy of it

– Charles Murray


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