Another Student Leadership Project

Developing leadership skills and engaging in a leadership activity is a goal that often appears in our students’ IPPs.

Two students, Lauren A and Meadow H. chose to organize a fundraiser for the Stollery Children’s Hospital as their leadership goal. They decided on a dance-a-thon.

In order to achieve their leadership goals, Lauren A. and Meadow H. choreographed their own dances and taught them to peers and younger students who were interested.  Since March, the two have been spending many lunch-hour recesses teaching and practicing their routines.

Today, the dance troupe had an opportunity for their first public performance to bring awareness to their upcoming fundraiser. The fundraiser itself will be a dance-a-thon with a $5.00 admission (details to be shared soon!).

Congratulations to Lauren and Meadow and the other dancers for their dedication over the last three months.  Today that dedication paid off with a high-energy, well danced, and very well received performance!


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