COVID-19 Response & School Re-Entry

Re-Entry Plan

Parents were emailed a re-entry plan in August. Please disregard that plan and refer to the most recent plan below.

The most recent plan will be available on this page.

NHS Re-Entry Plan 2 (13-10-2020)

Screening Questionnaire

 Below is a link to the screening questionnaire to be taken by all staff, students and parents entering the school.

Isolation Requirements

What do I do if my child needs to remain home because they are ill for more than one day or presenting symptoms?

What do I do if my child is presenting allergy symptoms?

    • If your child is presenting allergy symptoms, please get a COVID test completed while your child is presenting the  symptoms. That will provide us with a base-line. It is important that the test gets done while your child is presenting the allergy symptoms.
    • Be sure that you have informed the office of your child’s allergies and contact the office for the steps required if medication at school is involved.
    • Without a base-line assessment, we will be required to send your child home if they are presenting any symptoms of the Screening Questionnaire.

Remote Learning Overview

Teachers will be providing more detailed information.