COVID-19 Response & School Re-Entry

Re-Entry Plan

Parents were emailed a re-entry plan in August. Please disregard that plan and refer to the most recent plan below.

The most recent plan will be available on this page.

NHS School Re-Entry Plan Version 6 – APPROVED – updated Dec 16, 2021

Screening Questionnaire

 Below is a link to the screening questionnaire to be taken by all staff, students and parents entering the school.

Isolation Requirements

What do I do if my child needs to remain home because they are required to isolate for an extended period?

    • Please contact your child’s teacher directly to determine how programming will continue.

What do I do if my child is presenting allergy symptoms?

    • If your child is presenting allergy symptoms, please get a COVID test completed while your child is presenting the  symptoms. That will provide us with a base-line. It is important that the test gets done while your child is presenting the allergy symptoms.
    • Be sure that you have informed the office of your child’s allergies and contact the office for the steps required if medication at school is involved.
    • Without a base-line assessment, we will be required to send your child home if they are presenting any symptoms of the Screening QuestionnaireAugust